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Palermo, Santa Maria dello Spasimo, I-Design 2018, Manifesta 12 collateral

Fluctus is an interdisciplinary exhibition whose main core consists
of a big installation symbolizing the vision of a sea becoming more and more polluted because of our behavior.
There is a big wave, that in vision and fade represents the errand and the decadence that we are living, the wave flutters on our heads as a warning. After years spent reflecting on the matter, the artist reaches the conclusion that the true pollution lies inside us. Only with a collective change, we can try to mend this strict separation from Nature, from our true Nature.

“This wave over our head,
is not only a metaphor
of pollution that we are living
outside and inside us;
It is the black beast that everyone will
have to responsibly tame
for the collective survival”

Giuseppe La Spada

Hygieia | 2018

(Ancient Greek: Ὑγιεία or Ὑγεία, Latin: Hygēa or Hygīa), was one of the Aeclepiadae;
the sons and daughters of the god of medicine, Asclepius, and the goddess of healing, Epione. She was the goddess/personification of health (Greek: ὑγίεια - hugieia),
cleanliness and hygiene.

A slow process, decadent and contemplative.

Fluctus Milano

Fluctus Milazzo Duomo Antico

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