Mono No Aware

2007  interactive web installation

A non profit project promoting social sensitization to support
Ryuichi Sakamoto's Stop Rokkasho. The site is divided in four sections:

The first section underlines the risk caused by plutonium fuel.
The concept: The metaphor of pollution, the danger induced by our actions becomes real when the user can distort in real time the images of the screen.

The second section uses the interplay with a microphone to urge people to spread the news.
The more users speak to the microphone the more the project's motto becomes clear
thanking also the user.

The third section shows a girl who speaks as if she is an endangered species. Our planet
is visualized in three different moments: past, present and future. The imprudent attitude
of the user causes the extinction of the girl who won't be back not even by paying money.
In this section there is the concept of irreversibility: when something is carried to
the extremes, it is impossible to go back. The future predicts the gloomy fate of extinction
of what is not properly safeguarded.

The fourth section uses the interplay with a cam to show an hypothetical post-plutonium age.


ADCI Silver Award
IMA Outstanding Achievement
First place in 'BARDI Award' (IBM)
'Art direction of the year' at PWI Premio Web Italia
'Site of the year' Nomination at PWI Premio Web Italia
'Animation' Nomination at PWI Premio Web Italia
'Programming and development' Nomination at PWI Premio Web Italia