We Are Drops

artists, scientists, kids for a sustainable future.

We Are Drops builds on my idea that Art has to serve a social purpose, has not to be separate from life’s problems.

I conceived We Are Drops as an interdisciplinary project bringing together art and science to address complex scientific concepts related to environmental issues using a language accessible to the many. The overall aim is to combine strategies of edutainment with art’s compelling power to engage a wide audience, with a particular focus on the young generations.

The inspiration for the whole project came to me from the quote below:

“One drop plus one drop
does not give as a result two drops,
but a bigger drop”

(From the movie Nostalghia, dir. by A.Tarkovskij, 1983
Courtesy of Andrey Tarkovskij International Institute)

Different activities were devised to carry out We Are Drops’ educational mission. The format consists of:

  • exhibitions and multimedia contents
  • participatory workshops
  • interdisciplinary talks by artists and scientists, conceived for all ages (from adults to school age children)
  • learning kits to support teachers’ training.

The proposed interactive installation was conceived by Giuseppe La Spada and produced by Alice Invernici who worked on the interaction on Giuseppe's photos which have water as their object. "We often hear that we are water and even a child knows it . My desire with this work is precisely to give shape and life to this statement, to give people the opportunity to be in front of a magic mirror, in which everyone can actually see themselves made of water, losing the egoic connotations that often us. they distract from our true experience ”says Giuseppe La Spada

The Cartoon made with student of Istituto San Giuseppe - Macerata

The Process behind the Cartoon development

We need other drops and other talents to share the ecosophy essential for the planet’s survival. Do not hesitate to get in contact if you want to get involved or host this project in your city or at your institution!