With All Your Senses

2012  A special multisensorial way artwork to present a wine 

Canale 5 X-Style reportage of the Event (at 0:35) 

Event Digital Invitation 

"Giuseppe La Spada is so the last , among the artists who, Maurizio Zanella,
'the founder of Ca’ Del Bosco' wanted next to him describing how was born a wine." (MARIECLAIRE)

"For Ca 'del Bosco he has made the installation 'With All Your Senses', which works with the natural elements that are exaltation through innovative systems and technology. Protagonist of a mythological figure, the Voluptas, floating in the waters of autumn, graceful and ethereal figure. "The mission has always been for me to take something classic and but a new, innovative mode on it." La Spada" (WIRED)

corriere della sera (homepage news 10.24.2012)
civiltà del bere

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