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"A Digital Artist among the world most famous. Hearing him explain with his thick voice his love for water and Nature is disarming; listening to this 37 years old man who doesn't give up the "aesthetic coherence full of contents", is comforting" L'Uomo Vogue (italian text) > view

"A dream-like photographer "
Vogue.it (italian text) > view (english text)> view

“Giuseppe La Spada is one of the most highly rated artists of the moment”
Drome Magazine

“One of the most interesting creative designers for his unmistakable
style at Italian and international level”

For Ca 'del Bosco he has made the installation 'With All Your Senses', which works with the natural elements that are exaltation through innovative systems and technology. Protagonist of a mythological figure, the Voluptas,
floating in the waters of autumn, graceful and ethereal figure.

La Spada: "Thanks to the web art becomes complete"
Sicilian, 37, Giuseppe La Spada is the only Italian winner of the Webby Awards,
the Oscars of the Internet. And, despite being a digital artist, says:
"We must return to the warmth of the manual."
Vanity Fair (italian text) > view

"The Videopoem by Giuseppe La Spada, Afleur […] a little digital Prévert."
Rai5 tv Raitunes (start at 23:10" - italian) > view

Ab Origine, l’acqua di Giuseppe La Spada a Marghera
La ricerca sull’acqua e sulla natura apre un dialogo nuovo sul significato essenziale della sostenibilità,
La Stampa (italian text) > view



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